Refundid FAQ

Refundid enables you to recieve an instant refunds for your applicable return. Use Refundid to get your refund before you’ve even sent back your items. 

With Refundid your refund appears in your account in under 30 seconds.

How doese Refundid Work?

  1. Follow the Draft Co returns policy and prepare your order to be shipped back.
  2. Go to, select “Draft Co” from the dropdown menu and enter your order number.
  3. Follow Refundid’s 3 step process and receive your refund in real-time.
  4. If you haven’t already, ship back your order to Draft Co at the provided return address.

For more information, check out Refundid’s FAQ at

What do I do after I’ve used Refundid?
After using Refundid your refund process is completed. 

If you have not shipped back your items, you will need to do so by sending them to the address specified in the Draft Co returns policy and provide Refundid with the relevant shipping tracking number. Please add this shipping tracking number through your Refundid account. 

For any questions related to the shipping tracking number, please reach out to Refundid at

Where do I receive my money?
When signing up to Refundid you prompted to provide your bank account details. Refundid pays you instantly to this account.