Mask Usage/Care

Safely wearing non-medical fabric face masks

  • Clean your hands with soap before handling the mask, inspecting for any damage
  • Holding the straps - apply the mask so it covers your nose, mouth and chin
  • Avoid touching the mask while in use - wash hands with soap if you accidentally touch the mask
  • Remove the mask by the straps - pulling away from your face, store in a plastic bag (such as a zip lock) if not immediately washing
  • Wash the mask with hot water and soap after each use
  • Wash your hands after removing mask¬†
  • Do not:
    • Wear your mask under your nose
    • Remove the mask to speak when within 1.5metres of another person
    • Wear a mask if you find it difficult to breathe through
    • Wear a dirty or wet mask
    • Share your mask even after washing

Information is general - please see WHO When and how to use masks for more information.